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The Secret to Staying Motivated

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I'm not quite sure if the technology is making us more or less motivated, but I do know that we have apps, alarms, motivational memes, self-help books, and Alexa. Still, I need a cheerleading squad and personal coach to get out of bed each morning. Meaning, this girl has done it all. So I'll save you the tedious research, trial, and error. Here are seven simple techniques that I've found to be effective when struggling to get over the unmotivated hump.

1. Let go of the idea that you need to feel motivated.

I've read all the books, downloaded all the apps and you know what I've discovered? The idea of always being motivated is overrated. You read it correctly. Instead of constantly trying to change the feeling, I accept that I'm not feeling it and get over it. Often we want to feel motivated to act, but you will feel what you will feel so act anyway.

letting go to feel motivated


2. Set Checkpoints.

When I really don't feel like doing something I create mental checkpoints, similar to a video game. Once I'm done, I sometimes treat myself in honor my game-winning victory.

video game checkpoint

Celebrate your losses. You will lose, accept it. I once heard a woman say that her dad would ask ever each day after school, "how much did you fail today?

3. Release the things that no longer serve you.

Nothing is more draining than going through the motions. If something is not adding to you, yet you continue to give it energy because of obligation, not responsibility then remove it and move on.

good vibes only


4) Celebrate your losses.

You ever have those nights where fall asleep feeling motivated with a plan in mind, yet the following day goes anything but according to plan? No? Me either. Well for those OTHER slackers, a good tip is to celebrate your losses. You will lose, accept it. I once heard a woman say that her dad would ask ever each day after school, "how much did you fail today?" And it became a lighthearted way to face her flaws and move past her mistakes.

celebrate your options


5) Have a team.

A genuine support system makes a world of difference. They will keep it real and be the ones to remind you of your end goal when you slip. Whether you want to hear it or not. When you have a team of people in your corner that you can trust to have your best interest, they become your personal source of motivation.

Black girl tribe


6) Fire toxic people from your life.

We all have the one person who falls from the sky as soon as we find our happy place and become motivated. They greet us at the door with mess and drama. These people, as one of my favorite podcast personalities Princess Black would say, are emotional terrorists and should be Sparta kicked out of your life. If you have only so much energy you can't go giving it away to people who haven't earned it.

fire toxic people from your life


7) Hit the Reset Button.

Fairly self-explanatory, but the thing to keep in mind is that you need to reset so don't fight it. You must reset your computer and phone at some point. Even your car overheats if you drive too long. The point is all superheroes must eventually retire to their hideaway to recharge and you are no exception.

hit the reset button

Apply 1-2 of the techniques above and let me know how it works out!

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