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Whitney Stovall - Author & Professional Writer

you need



and A Plan. 


and i got it! 





I write content and copy for businesses and nonprofits that solves problems, provide value, and keeps your readers coming back for more!


Like, love, or hate it, content marketing and copywriting are here to stay.


It's more important than ever to produce authentic content and data-driven copy. In a world of blogs, emails, social media, videos, and infographics, your words must be bold and memorable to connect with your audience. 


Do you know that poor writing may actually hurt your business? 

You may believe that producing more content is the key to getting seen, but poor copy, in general, is expensive and damaging to your brand. Data shows that irrelevant and insufficient content leads to an 83% decrease in engagement.  

Be honest; does your copy or content marketing strategy need a boost?


Are you missing opportunities to connect with your audience because your copy is poorly researched, structured, and lacks value? Do you need someone to create copy or a content plan for your brand? 


Well, hello there, I'm Whitney, and I'm your woman!


For nearly 10 years, I worked to improve the communications of Fortune 500 companies and organizations, where I developed content and copy that produced record results. Today, I use my skills and expertise to help businesses, brands, and nonprofits reach their marketing and revenue goals. 



My services include blog posts, research articles, infographics, case studies, brand development, content strategy, email campaigns, UX writing,  copywriting, business planning, and grant writing.

I specialize in B2B/B2C multi-channel copy and messaging for business startups, growth and management strategies, health and wellness brands, nonprofits, educational institutions, financial technology, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Content Marketing

I create authentic content for your marketing campaigns. I repurpose old content and write new copy to help you develop a plan that inspires your audience to take action. I use my years of experience in education, health and wellness, financial tech, programming, and management to connect you with your consumers and other brands.

Content & Brand Strategy Development 

Writing content without a plan is like having many ingredients but not the ones you need to make your recipe. It's essential that each piece of content is created with intention and supports your larger goal(s). I follow SEO, social media, analytics, and trends to ensure I have the latest tools to develop your content marketing solution.


UX Writing

Your user journey starts before the point of sale. From apps to product guides, your UX writing should be K-I-S-S; keep-it-simple-silly. By working closely with the UX design and data analysis teams, I seek to understand and simplify your user's journey. I create conversational writing that prioritizes usability and solves anticipated problems. 


I use SEO keywords, audience personas, and qualitative feedback (i.e., customer reviews/surveys and client interviews) to create persuasive copy that saves you time. You will be confident knowing that the copy I craft is well-researched, speaks directly to your target audience, improves your SERP rankings, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Grant Writing

Grant funding depends on many variables. I ensure that the letter of intent (LOI), concept note, or grant application is the least of your worries. I provide leads and resources to encourage a diversified funding portfolios. My priority is creating a narrative proposal and budget that advances your mission. It’s not just about winning grants. I will help you develop impactful programs, establish beneficial partnerships, and strengthen organizational capacity. 

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